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Check out thousands of great 'Makeup & Makeover How-To' tutorials

How to Choose the Right Eyebrow Products 
(complete with chart)

How to Use an Eyebrow Razor

Eyebrow Beauty:  How to Choose the Right Color Shades for Brunettes

Eyebrow Beauty:  How to Choose the Right Color Shades for Blondes

4 Ways to keep Your Makeup Looking Smooth all Day

How to get Long, Full Lashes...WITHOUT Mascara

6 Ways that Smoking Wreaks Havoc on Your Beauty

Try Out this New Free Virtual Makeover & Makeup Counter

How to Find the Best Office Makeup for Darker Complexions

5 Ways to Make Your Baby Blue Eyes Pop!

5 Ways to Make Your Gorgeous Green Eyes Pop!

Office Beauty:  How to Look Polished and Professional at Work

How to Prevent Your Lipstick From Flaking, Caking and Feathering

Want to Know what You will Look Like in 20-30 Years?

Should Concealer Come Before Your Foundation Makeup?

How to Get that Smokey Eyes Look
See it done with this Video

How to Remove Perfume from Your Skin

How to Prevent Your Concealer Makeup from Creasing and Caking

How to Conceal those Dark Under-Eye Circles

7 Tips to Prevent Your Eye Shadow from Creasing

What's the Best Foundation Makeup?

Mascara Comparisons
Finding the best mascara for you.

Finding the Right Mascara for Your Eyelash Type

4 Ways to Look More Awake

10 Beauty Mistakes that Add 10 Years to Your Appearance

Makeup Tricks to Emphasize Your Best Features

Beauty Tips from Mom

13 Beauty Lessons Mom was Right About

6 Awesome Beauty Tips that Take Years Off Your Appearance

3 Homemade Acne Treatments

10 Best Beauty Time-savers to Get You Pretty in a Flash!

Weird Tricks
(that you can steal) that make Celebs Look Red Carpet Perfect!

How Young is Too Young to Start Wearing Makeup?

A Bride's Guide to Flawless Makeup

Models....WITHOUT Makeup...
They really ARE just like you and me!

Botox, Should You or Shouldn't You Use It?

A Beauty Fan's Guide to Facebook

What You Should Know Before You Spray-Tan

YIKES!!  Testing Makeup at the Makeup Counters can give you Herpes and Pink Eye!

5 Tips for Long, Full Eye Lashes

Are You Getting Your Money's Worth at Salons and Spas?

Britney Spears' Eye Makeup Tips

Makeup Safety Tips

Tips for Giving Yourself Deep, Sultry Cheekbones

What Makes Mineral Makeup So Much Better?

Blossom With a Fresh, Healthy Makeup Look

10 Whacky Beauty Tricks that Actually Work

10 Great Beauty Tricks that can Transform Your Look

10 MORE Beauty Tricks You Need to Know

10 Beauty Secrets Every Teenage Girl Should Know

7 Foods to Avoid for Whiter Teeth

15 Tips for Clearing Away Dark Under-Eye Circles

10 Ways to Prevent Getting Dark Under-Eye Circles

7 Tips for Mastering Bold Eyes

8 Beauty Crimes We Girls Commit Without Knowing

8 Makeup Secrets Every Girl Must Know

5 Bridal Beauty Tips All Girls Should Know

How to Steer Clear of Blackheads

5 Things You Should Know About Makeup Contouring

9 Most Popular Beauty Treatments

8 Steps to Perfect Red Lips

10 Tips for the Nude Makeup Look

10 Steps for the Natural Makeup Look

13 Tips on How to Glam Up in 15 Minutes

12 Top Makeup Tips for Work

10 Smokey Eye Tips

10 Brown Smokey Eye Tips

10 Black Smokey Eye Tips

7 Best Smokey Eye Videos

13 Beauty Myths....Busted

10 Prom Makeup Tips

10 Tips for Beautiful Eyebrows

10 Tips for Having Soft, Feminine Hands

10 Ways to Get Rid of a Hickey

12 Tips on How to Pluck Your Eyebrows

Reviews of the 51 Best Volume Mascaras

Reviews of the 36 Best Lengthening Mascaras

Reviews of the 14 Best Curling Mascaras

Reviews of the Best 24 Waterproof Mascaras

Reviews of the 5 Best Defining Mascaras

Reviews of the Best 41 Colorful Mascaras

12 of the Best Makeup Removers

13 of the Best Makeup Brushes

12 of the Best Concealers

8 of the Best Lipsticks

13 of the Best Lip Glosses

10 of the Best Lip Liners

10 of the Best Powder Foundations

7 of the Best Makeup Primers

10 Ways to Get Rid of Freckles

6 of the Best Fake Eyelashes

7 Tips on Using an Eyelash Curler

5 Skin Care Tips for Each Skin Type

How to Apply Mineral Makeup

10 Ways to Become Runway Ready in Under 7 Days

How to Apply Mascara with these 7 Mascara Tips

7 Ways in Which Smoking Hurts Your Beauty

007 Tips to Create the Perfect Bond Girl Look

7 Easy Beauty Tricks to Make You Look Younger

10 Reasons to Thread Your Eyebrows at Eyebrow Salons

Have a Lot of Useless Cosmetics?

How to do Female Makeup

Body-Shaping How-To tutorials


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