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So, What's The Most Effective Solution
To Your Stress, Anxiety & Fears?


Would you believe that the most effective solution for this actually involves gently
tapping on eight acupressure points on your body with your fingertips?

                                                       Yes, I AM serious!

As I've previously stated, in order for any legitimate treatment method to have a
complete and permanent effect, it must...gradually WEAR DOWN the ability of your fight
or flight response to cause your anxiety, fears, and other stressful internal conflicts that
are holding you back from achieving your dreams.

But not only that, since our emotions exist in our body's nervous system, the treatment
must also effectively RECONDITION your nervous system so that the
negative emotional shocks will have
little-to-no negative effect on you in the

Is there really such a simple and effective treatment method for alleviating all of your
anxieties, self doubts and fears, often within minutes, along with automatically
reconditioning your nervous system in the process?


       Yup, there sure is...and you've guessed right, it's...
   Tap8  Power-Tapping

Tap8 Power-Tapping is a simple to learn, easy to use, treatment method for breaking
the negative emotional connections throughout your body!
This is also a powerful
treatment method that you can use anywhere, anytime you need it!


          First, here's a little background behind the creation of my
8 Power-Tapping program...

In 1998, a friend of mine, who is a licensed psychotherapist, told me all about some
powerful new types of treatment techniques that she, along with many of her colleagues,
have been using with phenomenal results for several years in their psychotherapy practices
to dramatically weaken the intensity from the stress, anxiety and fear issues experienced
by their clients.

These powerful treatment techniques are called
Interoceptive Exposure Therapy & Nervous System Acupressure Point Stimulation
(stimulating your nervous system by gently tapping on specific acupressure points on your

What these brilliant psychotherapists had discovered during their years of practice with
these techniques is that if you simply focus your thoughts, and really "tune in" on whatever
is bothering you, thus making yourself feel everything that those stressful thoughts are
doing to you
(this is the Interoceptive Exposure part of it); and then you proceed to tap
several times on each of eight very specific points on the body, known as acupressure
points, this simple act of tapping on these eight acupressure points, while concentrating
on the negative issues actually possesses the innate ability to weaken, and often even
eliminate, the stressful, anxious, and nervous intensity you're feeling from your negative

These ultra-powerful tapping techniques have since formed the primary underlying
therapeutic basis for all of my special
Tap8 Power-Tapping courses.

The basic premise behind the Tap8 Power-Tapping is this:

All negative emotional trash is caused by neuro-physical shocks occurring
throughout your body's nervous system that are triggered by your negative
thoughts, memories, or experiences.

Plus, those nasty neuro-physical shocks will eventually condition your entire mind and
body, forever... unless they are pro-actively cleared out with
Tap8 Power-Tapping.

Tap8 Power-Tapping employs a very specific protocol of gently tapping on the subtle
electrical signal pathways
(acupressure points) that exist throughout your body.

8 Power-Tapping
is often thought of as an emotional form of acupressure...
only we use gentle tapping on the acupressure points (the tapping itself is similar to
how you would tap on somebody's shoulder in order to get their attention).

A more accurate description for this Tap8 Power-Tapping treatment would be
"nervous system stimulation."

While acupressure uses direct-pressure for clearing electrical signal blockages, thus
allowing the signals to travel smoothly through the PHYSICAL body,

8 Power-Tapping
works more elegantly, and far more effectively for clearing the
MENTAL and EMOTIONAL shocks in the nervous system that may be causing many other
problems... such as our negative thoughts, beliefs, worries, fears, self-doubts, anxieties, etc.

Tap8 Power-Tapping works best for clearing out the electrical signal shocks by first
identifying their root-causes, then positioning them in a manner so they can be effectively
cleared out.

During a
Tap8 Power-Tapping procedure, the neurotransmitter 'serotonin' is released in
your brain, which interrupts and gradually neutralizes your feelings of fear and anxiety...
and typically only takes a few minutes of gentle tapping - eight or more times on the eight
Tap8 Power-Tapping points (the eight tapping points on your body, that you
will be using, are shown to you on an upcoming page in this course-instruction section)

The resulting effect is that the negative emotional issues and anxieties are cleared away,
so you can feel genuinely positive and empowered by your new sense of emotional freedom!
Once your mental and emotional selves are free of anxieties, you will begin to experience
the TRUE definition of successful peak performance and absolute mental & emotional mastery!

Now that I've been doing the
Tap8 Power-Tapping for many years with hundreds of
clients, I know that those other treatments I had used before were basically outdated,
and many are even obsolete. After using this
Tap8 Power-Tapping course, I am sure
you will think of those 'conventional' treatments as "OLD SCHOOL"

Tap8 Power-Tapping offers a far simpler, less stressful, solution to your stress & anxiety
problems than anything else!


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