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This is Your Tap8 Course Help Guide

I have purposely added this special page to help you if you're having any difficulties with

getting the tapping to work for reducing your stress, anxieties, fears and other issues.

Below, you will see several common problems that some
Tap8 course users may experience in the beginning.


I've been doing the tapping as outlined, but I am just not feeling the results yet.
What am I doing wrong?

There are several possible reasons for why you are not yet gaining the results you're expecting...

1) You may be expecting too much to happen...all at once.
You'll need to be patient,
and remember that gaining the results you seek with this Tap8 course is an ongoing PROCESS...NOT an EVENT!!

You need to think of an intense anxiety issue as a forest, and each specific aspect of that anxiety issue is an individual tree. In order to clear that forest, you would need to chop down each tree, one tree at a time.
That is precisely what you need to do when you're attempting to clear out an anxiety issue, you chop down (or reduce the intensity of) each specific aspect of that issue down to zero, one aspect at a time. Then, once you have cleared out enough aspects, the entire anxiety issue simply COLLAPSES, just like a tabletop that has lost its legs!

After a several days of consistent tapping (chopping down many trees), you will likely feel a big difference in the amount anxiety you're feeling.

                                                                           THE TAPPING WORKS!!
Repeating the Tap8 Power-Tapping each day gradually whittles away more and more of your anxiety.
The tapping is extremely effective at weakening your anxiety little by little, everyday.

is the key principle involved here.
Just keep tapping everyday, and you will soon get results!

You may have some hidden 'core issues' going on that you are not yet aware of.
By core issues, I mean that some negative events may have happened to you earlier in your life that is/are still getting in the way of you achieving the results you are seeking.

Module 1
(pages 1-0 through 1-7) of this Tap8 course was created specifically to help you identify any such negative events and experiences from your past, and then clear out any remaining anxiety and pain that you may still be feeling from those past events.

If you feel that this may be the case, then tap along while repeating the following phrase several times in succession:

"Even though I still have this
__________ (state your problem here),
I CHOOSE to deeply and completely accept myself!"

Remember to take a deep breath, and exhale slowly after you complete each tapping round.
Keep repeating this process over, and over...until you can no longer FEEL any stress from that problem.

3) Another simple reason for your insufficient results, may be that you do not feel truly willing to ACCEPT YOURSELF, completely.
When you repeat phrases such as, "I CHOOSE to deeply and completely accept myself" you may not fully BELIEVE in the words you are saying. This disbelief causes considerable conflict of in-congruency within yourself. And that conflict can make any attempt at improving yourself virtually impossible. Therefore, you would need to convert your highly negative mindset into a permanently positive, empowering, way of thinking!

You see, the reason that we always use positive choice statements for our
Tap8 Power-Phrases is that, we need to fill the emotional void we leave when we clear out a negative anxiety issue. By replacing the negative issue with a positive choice EVERY TIME, we are literally re-wiring the neurons in our brain to think in a positive manner whenever we are faced with a stressful situation.

Now, wouldn't you prefer to go through life, facing stressful challenges, with an inherently positive attitude, rather than with a limiting negative mindset?

A fourth reason for not gaining immediate results, is that you may be feeling a strong reluctance toward letting go of your anxieties.

In psychology, there exists a psychological phenomenon known as -- "Secondary Benefit Conditioning."

This is where you will actually RESIST letting go of your anxiety-provoking issues, for fear of not knowing how you would live without them. Secondary Benefit Conditioning can easily sabotage all of your best efforts to rid yourself of anxieties and fears.

Here are a few good questions that I often use to help Tap8 users discover any hidden secondary benefits. Please make a list of all of your answers to these questions...

What's the downside of my letting go of these anxiety issues?
Example: If I lose my dread of exercising, then I will be expected to get off the couch, and start working out everyday.

What's the upside of keeping these anxiety issues?
Example: Hanging onto this fear of getting hurt, keeps me safe from harm.

What benefits would I lose if I were to let go of these anxiety issues?
Example: Because of my fear of being bullied, I get to stay home everyday and play video games.

Once you have made this list, please start tapping, while repeating each issue in your list. Doing this over and over will gradually weaken whatever is causing your persistent secondary benefits.
Repetitive tapping works!

It is possible that you are not yet ready to allow your anxious thoughts and fears to surface.
You may be experiencing a mental blockage that is keeping you from allowing your anxious thoughts to surface. These blockages can often be caused by a traumatic event or experience that may have affected you in such a negative manner as to keep you from releasing your most intense anxiety issues. And, until you are willing to weaken your resistance to allowing these thoughts and feelings to surface, you will never be able to release your anxiety, completely.

Keep tapping as often as you can on these issues, and you will eventually feel a noticeable reduction in your anxiety levels.

Tap along, while repeating the following Tap8 Power-Phrases:

Even though I feel afraid to allow my anxiety-provoking thoughts and fears to surface,
I CHOOSE to feel calm and confident, and I let go of some of my fear now!

Even though I can't let down my guard right now,
I CHOOSE to relax and allow this tapping to release some more of this anxiety.

Even though I feel like a part of me isn't ready to release my control at this time,
I CHOOSE to be open to to the fact that I AM WORTHY of allowing good things to come into my life!

Even though I am afraid that I won't feel safe if I lose my anxiety issues,
I CHOOSE to feel safe and free of the limiting chains of imprisonment that anxiety forces on me.

Even though I feel that asking for help is like admitting that I am not in control,
I CHOOSE to give permission to this Tap8 tapping to help me to get rid of my anxieties forever.

Even though I am so deeply terrified of letting my obsessive thoughts surface,
I CHOOSE to let the Tap8 tapping gradually weaken another 10% of my anxiety each day.

Even though I feel so helpless, because this fear has so much a control over me,
I CHOOSE to release my control, and I will use this Tap8 course to help me for the rest of my life.

Even though I feel so worried that this Tap
8 tapping might take my anxious thoughts from me,
I CHOOSE to give the tapping a solid chance to permanently improve my life.

Remember to take a deep breath, and exhale slowly after you complete each tapping round.
Keep repeating this process over, and over...until you can no longer FEEL any stress from each situation.

Is it possible that I don't truly BELIEVE this tapping stuff can really help me?

Yes, many Tap8 course users start out feeling very skeptical. But then, after they keep tapping for a few weeks, they notice some profound changes taking place. After using this Tap8 course for a while, it is quite common for users to completely FORGET that they ever had any of the issues they were working on!

If you're feeling skeptical about the tapping working for you, then tap along while repeating the following phrases:

Even though I have all these doubts about this silly tapping stuff actually working for me,
I CHOOSE to be open to the possibility that it COULD work for me.

Even though I feel very skeptical about this tapping being able to reduce my anxiety,
I CHOOSE to relax, and give it a serious try for a few weeks.

Even though I am worried that this tapping might not work for MY particular anxiety issues,
I CHOOSE to feel calm, while I continue tapping through all of the exercises in this course!

Remember to take a deep breath, and exhale slowly after you complete each tapping round.
Keep repeating this process over, and over.


What exactly am I supposed to be focusing my attention on while I am tapping?

You NEED to focus your attention directly on the anxiety you feel from your anxious thoughts, fears, worries,or whatever is causing your anxious issues. That means, you MUST be willing to allow those feelings of anxiety to surface while you're tapping! That is the ONLY way you can dramatically reduce the amount of anxiety you're feeling.

Something I often see among many
Tap8 users is that, they tend to shy away from getting SPECIFIC when listing the issues that are causing their anxieties. And that's a big problem, because the more specific you are with your issues when tapping, the more effective the tapping will be, overall.

Tap along with this phrase several times, until you are able to focus on feeling your specific fears:

Even though I am having trouble focusing on my fear of
_______ (be VERY specific),
I CHOOSE to relax, and completely accept myself, anyway!

Take a deep breath, and let it out slowly after each complete tapping round.

Keep repeating this process over, and over...until you can no longer FEEL any stress from each fearful issue.

One more suggestion I offer you is that you should start using the Reconditioning Your Nervous System exercise on a daily basis. That can quickly help relax your nervous system so that you are better able to release your anxiety issues, once and for all.

                                                                  The bottom line of all of this is:
                                                         THE TAPPING WORKS!!

                        Just keep tapping every chance you get throughout each day.

Once you have completed the exercises on this page, you are free to go back to the Tap8 course to work on weakening your anxiety issues with a greater sense of ease!


I've included these two helpful illustrations for you...just in case you forget where
the eight
Tap8 Power-Tapping points are located...

There simply is NO WAY to do the Tap8 Power-Tapping wrong!

This methodology is so forgiving that you literally cannot get it wrong.

As long as you are tapping while you're concentrating on an issue, it's working for you...
by whittling away more and more of your stress & anxiety each day

So just keep tapping everyday!

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