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On, I have written two very powerful anxiety-reducing, anti-bullying, self-help training courses
to help to improve the lives of transgender girls and boys, everywhere!
Even though they are written for teens, adults can also benefit from them.
Younger kids may use them with parental guidance.

These courses are 100% FREE for anybody to use.


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As a Transgender or
Gender Variant Person... already know how important it is for your physical body
to pass in public as your authentic gender, but...

ave you ever considered how important it is to
transition your mind - along WITH your body?

Think about that for a moment...

What typically happens to so many
transgender people who don't improve
their mental and emotional selves - while transitioning their physical selves?

> Many tend to develop new insecurities that they may never have experienced; 

> Many discover that some things just don't work as easily for them as they used to;

> Many M-to-F trans persons get frustrated when they experience a sudden loss of power; 

> Many get angry when they're no longer respected by society as they had been; 

> Many don't know how to handle the feelings of rejection they experience from others; 

> Too many don't know how to handle the new negative thoughts and emotions they're having;

> Many will lash out with intense temper tantrums, and resentment toward others;

> Many start hating themselves and others, and typically will speak negatively; 

> Some will blame others for all of their problems;

> Some will hurt themselves as a means of suppressing their pain; 

> Many will turn to drugs and/or alcohol to tranquilize their pain and mental anguish; 

> Most become frustrated that their body is not "changing" as quickly as they would like;

> Many more nasty self doubts will start creeping into their minds;

> All of that negative thought programming tends to hold most trans persons back;

> Many will begin to feel fearful of being read (and embarrassed) by others;

> Some will develop a fear of coming out; 

> Many become upset about losing friends and family; 

> Many have concerns about losing employment, or their home (or both); 

> Many tend to become easier targets for bullies; 

> Most feel worried about being harassed or attacked; 

> Some have fears and other concerns about getting surgery; 

> Many often become quite miserable, and even severely depressed; 

> Never mind the fact that more than 40% of all trans people attempt suicide!

Wow...doesn't that make transitioning your physical self, without
improving your mental and emotional selves, sound SCARY??

Now tell me, how many of these SCARY issues and insecurities
have YOU personally experienced?

                             Have you ever felt:
> A sudden lack of confidence - just when you need it most?
> Worried that your voice or mannerisms will 'give you away'?
> Worried about disappointing your partner, family, or others?
> Worried about making mistakes
while you're out in public?

> Pressured to speak and act perfectly in public?
> Feelings of inadequacy, or that you're not good enough?
> Difficulty focusing at work, school, or during other activities

                                 Do you ever:
> Have self doubts, anxieties, or fears tripping you up?
> Feel worried about being harassed, attacked, or worse by others?
> Get worried about losing your job or career if you come out?

> Struggle with the stress and anxiety of coming out to the world?
> Feel worried about embarrassing yourself, or other people you're with?

> Suffer from a lack of mental & emotional discipline?
> Contend with those nasty panic & anxiety attacks?
> Deal with recurring mental flashbacks from any negative experiences?
> Feel worried about having surgery or other treatments done

Has this ever happened to you:
> Think negative the WORST moments?
> Feel too nervous or jittery while you're out in public settings?

> Feeling the fear of being ridiculed by others?

                             How often do you:
> Feel apprehensive about using the restroom that FITS your gender?
> Feel the fear of getting 'read' while you're out in public?
> Feel overwhelming stress & pressures holding you back in life?
> Struggle with intense anxiousness about upcoming events?

> Get painful memories holding you back from achieving your dreams?
> Get depressed, or possibly even have suicidal thoughts?

If you've ever experienced any of these negative issues and insecurities, 
then you already know how much stress and anxiety they can cause you,
how quickly they can mess up your life!

    BUT WAIT...what if there was a better way?
> What if ALL of those stressful issues had virtually no effect on you?

> What if your nervousness, self doubts and fears were simply NO LONGER THERE?

> What if you never again had any of those obstacles holding you back?

> What if there was an easy way to weaken each of those troubling issues to the
    point, where they would no longer be noticeable issues in your life?

How much better would your overall life become if you NEVER
again had any of those negative obstacles holding you back?

Take a moment and imagine what it would feel like for you to be
calm and confident AT ALL TIMES...

How much of a difference would that make on your life?

  Would it make...a slight difference?


Possibly...a big difference?


More like...a HUGE difference?

Would that become...

Well then, today you will begin to
  neutralize the debilitating effects from ALL of those negative issues!

Introducing the revolutionary 100% FREE transgender-training program...

The Tap8 Guide To
Transitioning Your Transgender Mind

...exclusively from

In The Tap8 Guide To Transitioning Your Transgender Mind, you will
quickly discover how easy it can be to effectively reduce, or in most cases, even eliminate your:

>   Overwhelming Anxieties
>   Fears & Phobias
>   Self Doubts
>   Worries
>   Nervousness
>   Negative Thoughts
  Anger & Temper Tantrums
As well as most issues involving:
>   Depression
  Losing Faith in Yourself
>   Negative Outlook on Life
>   Low Self Esteem
>   Shyness & Social Anxieties
Poor Self Image
Loss of Confidence


Plus, you'll also learn how to weaken the intense anxiousness of most other negative issues right down to a point where they will not be able to have any noticeable effect on your life!
The Tap8 Guide To Transitioning Your Transgender Mind offers you an easy-to-use series of training techniques that will gradually WEAKEN the emotional connection (that intense anxious CHARGE) you feel whenever you have a distressing negative thought. Therefore, all of those anxieties and pressures will no longer hold you back, no matter what you hope to accomplish throughout your lifetime!

Tap8 then trains you to make having a positive attitude a permanent habit for the rest of your life!


Nothing else on the market has the ability to do what
The FREE Tap8 Guide To Transitioning Your Transgender Mind can do for you!

                                                And you will soon see what I mean by that!


Here are just a few of the Most Popular Benefits you will experience
by using
The Tap8 Guide To
Transitioning Your Transgender Mind:

> Makes Your Transition A Far Less Stressful & Worrisome Experience

> Dramatically Increases Your Ability To Cope With The Changes In Your Life

> Helps You Feel More At Ease With Coming Out To The Your Family & Friends
> Greatly Reduces Your Fear Of Being Harassed Or Assaulted

> Trains You To Feel Relaxed In Advance Of Your Public Outings
> Greatly Diminishes Your Fear Of Being 'Read' Or Even Outed By Others
> Helps You Become Virtually Immune To Negative Comments, Insults & Intimidation

> Weakens Your Fears That Are Holding You Back From Reaching Your Goals

> Dissolves Your Self Doubts, And Apprehensive Anxieties

> Automatically Trains You To Go Through Life Feeling Calm And Confident

> Shows You How To Reverse Negative Thoughts the Minute They Pop Into Your Mind

> Trains You To Be Able To Handle Being Rejected (Or Even Dumped) By Others
> Trains You To Relax in Any Stressful, High Pressure Situations
> Helps You Remove Any Tentative Or Apprehensive Hesitations You May Have
> Shows You How To Release Your Anger In Mere Seconds (helps prevent road-rage)
> Helps You Clear Out Any Frustrating Feelings You Might Get At Anytime
> Makes Positive Thoughts The 'Norm' Throughout Your Life

> Helps To Make Your New Positive Self-Talk A Permanent Habit Throughout Your Life 

> Trains You To Feel Better & More Confident About Your Physical Body

> Reduces Your Overall Stress Wherever You Are (very popular with parents & partners)

> Automatically Gets You Prepared For Upcoming Events As Your New Self

> Helps You Feel Better During Your Disappointing Setbacks While Transitioning

> Removes Your Stage Fright, And Fear of Speaking As A Trans Person In Public

> Effectively Clears Out Your Nervousness And Jitters - Whenever You're Feeling Them  

> Teaches You How To Feel 60% More Confident - In Just 60 Seconds  (very popular)

> Helps You Get To Sleep Faster On The Nights Before Stressful Events  
> Trains You To Not DWELL On What Has Happened In The Past 
> Clears Out Any 'Mental Flashbacks' You Get From Your Past Negative Experiences

> Removes Your Cravings For Junk Food & Sweets - So Your Diets Will Actually WORK

> Helps You Clear ANY Distractions Out Of Your Mind When You NEED To Be Focused   
> Automatically Improves Your Focus & Mental Clarity (clears out mind-fog)
> Shows You How To Reduce Fatigue & Increase Your Energy Whenever You Need It
> Quickly Helps You Overcome Laziness & Procrastination  (very popular)  

> Minimizes Your Anxiety Before & During Surgeries 

 Gives You TRUE Peace Of Mind...As You've NEVER Experienced It Before!

> Helps Put Your Significant Other At Ease With Your Transitioning  
(very popular)

One of my primary missions for creating these programs, is
   to significantly reduce the 43+% transgender suicide rate! 


There is simply nothing else that even comes close to offering you
the number of benefits that
The Tap8 Guide To
Transitioning Your Transgender Mind
gives you!

Don't believe me?
Then, check out the Table Of Contents from the Male-to-Female Transgender Teen course...
(the Female-to-Male course contents is similar)

1-0 Module 1 – Clearing Out Your Emotional Trash – From YOUR PAST

1-1   Everyday Stress Reduction – Puts You In The Best Frame Of Mind For Moving Forward

1-2   Increasing Your Current Oxygen Intake
(Accelerates the results you gain from using this course)

1-3   Clearing Out Any Stress & Anxiety That You're Still Feeling From Past Negative Experiences

1-4   Releasing Any Guilt, Shame, Or Regrets You Feel From Any Of Your Past Experiences

1-5   Reducing Your Overall Anxiety – So You'll Be More Able To Release Your Anger & Resentment

1-6   Clearing Out Any Persistent Negative Thoughts You Get – From Your Past Experiences

1-7   Releasing Your Anger – That May Be Preventing Your Attempts To Improve Your Life

1-8   Clearing Out Any Jealousy, Resentment, or Grudges You May Feel Toward Others

1-9   Making Positive Self-Talk A Permanent Habit In Your Daily Life & Throughout Your Lifetime

1-10 Reconditioning Your Nervous System (This is also used again later for ongoing maintenance)

2-0 Module 2 – Helping You Feel BETTER About Yourself – TODAY

2-1   If Something Or Someone Is Bothering You, Let's Clear That Out – RIGHT NOW!!

2-2   Replacing Your Negative Beliefs With Positive Beliefs

2-3   Clearing Out Any Self Doubts You May Have

2-4   Clearing Out Any Feelings of Self-Loathing or Self-Hatred

2-5   Changing Your Negative Body Image – So You Will Feel Better About Yourself

2-6   Clearing Out Your Dread of Exercising & Working Out

2-7   Clearing Out Your Separation Anxiety Over Losing Someone Who REFUSES To Accept You

2-8   Chasing The ANTS (Automatic Negative Thoughts) Out Of Your Head

2-9   Releasing The Intensity of Your Daily Pressures – To Make Your Life Easier For You

2-10 Releasing Your Biggest Frustrations You May Be Experiencing

2-11 Clearing Out The Mental Anguish of Your Worries & Concerns

2-12 Easing Your Own Concerns About Who & What You Really Are

2-13 Dealing With Parents That Don't Accept You As The Opposite Gender

2-14 Dealing With Your Family's Anti-Transgender Beliefs (whether religious in nature or not)

2-15 Making It Easier For You To Handle Being Bullied

2-16 Handling Rejection From Others (Anybody)

2-17 Easing Your Fears Of Being Harassed Or Ridiculed By Others

2-18 Handling Negative Looks From Others

2-19 Handling Cyber-Bullying Harassment On Social Media

2-20 Avoiding School Due To Stressful Or Frightening Situation At School

2-21 Handling Your Loneliness, Isolation, Or Not Fitting In

2-22 Your Daily Stress Clearing Tools (Very Popular)

3-0 Module 3 – Helping You As You Move FORWARD In Life – As A Girl

3-1   Visualizing Yourself Presenting Perfectly As The Girl You Want To Be – In Any Situation

3-2   Clearing Out Any Negative Thoughts Or Emotions That Pop Up While You're Visualizing

3-3   Removing Your Negative Thoughts The Minute They Pop Into Your Mind

3-4   Eliminating Your Fears & Apprehensions That Come Up As You Go Through Life

3-5   Removing Your Fear Of Being Seen – Dressed Feminine For The First Time

3-6   Greatly Reducing Your Nervousness – In Any Situation

3-7   Handling The Potential Consequences That You May Face – IF You Fail At Something

3-8   Weakening Your Fear of 'Coming Out' As Your TRUE Feminine Self – To Anyone

3-9   Helping You Feel Comfortable – OUTSIDE Of Your Comfort Zone

3-10 Easing Your Apprehensiveness Toward Meeting Others (Includes Making New Friends)

3-11 Helping You Become 60% More Confident – In 60 Seconds

3-12 Clearing Out Your Fear of Being “Read” In Public As A Transgender Girl

Handling The Stress Of Your Body Showing The Wrong Physical Characteristics

3-14 Handling Your Concerns About Dating As A Transgender Girl

Handling Your Stress & Anxiety You Feel From Starting High School Or College As A Trans-Girl

3-16 Handling The Stress Of Moving To A New Home Or School

3-17 Handling Your Stress Over Not Having The Right Clothes Or Outfits

3-18 Handling Your Concerns About Using The Girl's Restroom (or Girl's Locker Room)

Handling Your Stress Over Not Being Allowed To Act Or Dress As Feminine As You Want

3-20 Handling Your Peer Pressures With Ease

3-21 Handling Your Stress From Suddenly Getting So Much Attention
– As A Trans-Girl

3-22 Handling Your Stress Over Having To Wait To Start Your Transitioning To Become A Girl

3-23 Handling The Stress Of Having Slow Transitioning Results & Setbacks

Easing Your Mental Transition OUT Of Your Fantasy World – And INTO The Real World

3-25 Clearing Out Your Fear Of Public Speaking (Doing this also weakens most other fears)

Clearing Out Your Anxiety You Feel Before & During Taking Tests & Exams

3-27 Helping You Excel In Classes Or Skills That You Are Having Trouble With

Increasing Your Ability To Focus On Whatever You Are Doing

3-29 Helping You Get To Sleep Faster & Sleep More Relaxed

3-30 Helping You To Feel Calm & Confident In Any Future Stressful Situations

3-31 Reconditioning Your Nervous System
(This is used for ongoing maintenance)

4-0 Module 4 – Parents Program – 'Finding Supportive Acceptance  & Gaining Peace Of Mind'

4-1   Releasing Your Stress & Anxiety – Puts You In The Best Frame Of Mind For Moving Forward

4-2   Questioning Whether You Did Something To Cause Your Child's Gender Issues

4-3   Releasing Any Frustrations & Anger You're Dealing With (whether regarding your child or not)

4-4   Clearing Out Any Feelings Of Embarrassment or Shame You Might Feel

4-5   Easing Your Sense Of Loss Over Losing Your “Male” Child To Gender-Transition

4-6   Releasing the Emotional Anguish Of Your Worries & Concerns About Your Trans-Daughter

4-7   Clearing Out Your Fears & Apprehensions – Regarding Your DAUGHTER

4-8   If Something Or Someone Is Bothering You – Let's Clear That Out – RIGHT NOW!!

4-9   Clearing Out Your Fatigue Or Tiredness (Very Popular)

4-10 Your Daily Stress-Clearing Tools

4-11 Removing Your Procrastination And/Or Laziness

4-12 Clearing Out Your Fear Of Public Speaking (Doing this also weakens most other fears)

5-0 Module 5 – Siblings – 'Finding Supportive Acceptance' Program

5-1   Clearing Out Your Anger & Confusion You Feel Over Your Brother Becoming A Female

5-2   Clearing Out Any Embarrassment You Feel Over Your Brother Becoming Female

5-3   Easing Any Sense Of Loss You Feel Over Losing Your Brother
(once he becomes she)

5-4   Easing Your Fears & Worries You Have about YOUR SISTER

5-5   Your Daily Stress-Clearing Tools

Pretty cool, hey?

But don't just take our word for it...


- Stephanie Peters


> I was always so afraid of being seen dressed up as a girl.
But using your Tap8 made all the difference in my life!
Now I feel free to do whatever I want - anytime!

- Sandra B


> I used to feel terrified about going shopping as a woman.
Now as long as I use Tap8 for a few minutes everyday, I have no more fears!

- Pamela Manderson
(cross dresser)


> Tap8 just plain makes you FEEL BETTER! Enough said!

- Candace


> I kept getting harassed by people on the street, and that fear of being
harassed often kept me from going out. Now that fear is GONE - thanks to Tap8

- Monique Johansen


> I was so depressed and miserable that I didn't want to live no more!
But I'm STILL here!  Tap8 is an absolute godsend!!
I wish Tap8 existed years ago, so I wouldn't have wasted
all those years hating myself.

- Loretta Jeffers


> I would get so mad I'd take out my frustrations on walls, doors,
or anyone brave enough to get near me.
Then my mom took me to see Robin. And after one session
I wasn't getting angry no more.

Then we discovered where my anger was coming from...
when I realized that I was really a boy trapped in a girl's body. 
I recommend Robin's Tap8 to everyone!

- Clint Fisher


> I didn't really think anything could ever remove my son's strong anxiety
and anger issues! But I was proven wrong! Tap8 WORKS!

- Mrs. Fisher
(mother of Clint Fisher)


> I got so worried about coming out as a woman that I didn't think
I could ever actually do it.
But using Tap8 made the apprehensions I felt seem to 'melt away'.

- Corina Lindstrom


> I was skeptical at first. I didn't believe something like this could help me.
But it IS helping me.
I haven't had any nightmares since my sessions with Robin.
Robin even helped me 'see the light' about my lifelong need to become a woman.
Tap8 is AWESOME!

- Timona (formerly Timothy) Rust


> Who would've thought, something so simple could make such a big difference 
in the lives of so many trans people as Tap8 does?

- Jordan Harper

Robin, your Tap8 stuff is amazing! I wasn't expecting anything
to make me feel like this.

- Bobbi Bodine

> Robin, I'm your biggest fan! Tap8 kicks butt! I use it everyday!
My mom is even using this now for her weight loss.

- Andrea

So, are you ready for a completely new and more effective approach
to mastering your emotions, as well as improving every area
of your life, in a very short time?

Are you ready to use a completely different approach to improving your mental toughness?

You already know how much you NEED to be in complete
control over your emotions! And that is precisely what using this FREE Tap8 program will do for you.

You'll soon see why using this Tap8 Program will be one of
the best decisions you've ever made!

Now let me PROVE that to you!

So what are you waiting for?

Get started using
The FREE Tap8 Guide To
Transitioning Your Transgender Mind


Both male-to-female and female-to-male programs are listed on the Course-List page.


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