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 Helping You Move

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Module 2

Helping You Feel BETTER About Yourself TODAY


 2-1   If Something Or Someone Is Bothering You, Let's Clear That Out RIGHT NOW!!

 2-2   Replacing Your Negative Beliefs With Positive Beliefs

 2-3   Clearing Out Any Self Doubts You May Have

 2-4   Clearing Out Any Feelings of Self-Loathing or Self-Hatred

 2-5   Changing Your Negative Body Image So You Will Feel Better About Yourself

 2-6   Clearing Out Your Dread of Exercising & Working Out

 2-7   Clearing Out Your Separation Anxiety Over Losing Someone Who REFUSES To Accept You

 2-8   Chasing The ANTS (Automatic Negative Thoughts) Out Of Your Head

 2-9   Releasing The Intensity of Your Daily Pressures To Make Your Life Easier For You

 2-10 Releasing Your Biggest Frustrations You May Be Experiencing

 2-11 Clearing Out The Mental Anguish of Your Worries & Concerns

 2-12 Easing Your Own Concerns About Who & What You Really Are

 2-13 Dealing With Parents That Don't Accept You As The Opposite Gender

 2-14 Dealing With Your Family's Anti-Transgender Beliefs (whether religious or not)

 2-15 Making It Easier For You To Handle Being Bullied

 2-16 Handling Rejection From Others (Anybody)

 2-17 Easing Your Fears Of Being Harassed Or Ridiculed By Others (Anybody)

 2-18 Handling Negative Looks From Others

 2-19 Handling Cyber-Bullying Harassment On Social Media

 2-20 Avoiding School Due To Stressful Or Frightening Situations At School

 2-21 Handling Your Loneliness, Isolation, Or Not Fitting In

 2-22 Your Daily Stress Clearing Tools (Very Popular)

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If Something or Someone Is Bothering You, Let's Clear That Out RIGHT NOW!!

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