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                                                              Electrolysis vs Laser Hair Removal -
                                                     The Advantages and Disadvantages of Both...

For most women, it is a huge burden to get rid of body hair every two days, every week, or every month. The majority is constantly looking for more effective ways to get rid of unwanted hair; the less they have to think about it, the better.

Shaving has become archaic and waxing is too painful. How about trying something to get rid of unwanted facial and body hair long-term? This is what electrolysis and laser hair removal procedures do; by destroying the hair follicle, the growth of the hair is delayed.

In general, electrolysis hair removal is more precise than the laser hair removal. However, both procedures have their advantages and disadvantages, so read below to make an informed decision in regards to which hair removal method suits you best:


Electrolysis is an FDA-approved procedure performed to remove unwanted facial and body hair.
It has proven to be very convenient and effective in the three types of current that can be applied to the skin: galvanic electrolysis, thermolysis, and a mix of both.

Its main advantages are:

- Electrolysis is a precise and targeted procedure.

- Electrolysis hair removal requires little or no downtime.

- Electrolysis hair removal helps produce a natural and smooth look.

- Electrolysis hair removal can tackle hair in any area of the body.

Electrolysis hair removal just slows down the hair growth, thus, eventually, you may have to wax or shave the area again, but less frequently for sure.

Its main disadvantages are:

- Electrolysis may be painful and slow, demanding that you visit the doctor regularly to carry on with the treatment.

- Electrolysis hair removal is expensive. Each session costs around $30 to $50, and you may need about 30 sessions to really destroy the hair follicle.

- The results may be uneven, because electrolysis only hits the hairs that are in the middle of their growth cycle, thus, you may see new hair coming out later.

- Electrolysis hair removal is not recommended for sensitive skin because it uses heat energy to destroy the follicle, thus, it can damage tissues and cells on delicate skin.


You will see results within the first two sessions of a laser hair removal procedure, which means the cost goes down considerably.

Its main advantages are:

-Laser hair removal is not painful.

- Laser hair removal produces insignificant side effects, for example, redness and minor swelling.

- Laser hair removal is a very convenient procedure because each session lasts only about an hour
and you see immediate results.

- Laser hair removal works for large body areas like the back, chest, legs and arms.

- Laser hair removal is very effective to remove patches of dark or coarse hair.

Laser hair removal is not as precise as electrolysis.

Its main disadvantages are:

- Laser hair removal may damage your retina and vision if it is applied near the eye area or other parts of the face.

- If laser hair removal is not applied by a professional, it can burn the skin because of the power of the laser.

- Laser hair removal may damage, burn or scar, the skin on your face.

Before making any decision, it is vital that you contact a Colorado laser hair removal expert to get a
free consultation and to find the best beauty treatment for your needs and your skin.  :-)

Rachel A. L. Clarkson - Aspen Laser Spa - Liposuction, Laser Hair Removal, Botox Injections,
SmartLipo & Resurfacing in Denver, Colorado: Friendly & highly-skilled - call us now at 303.279.8900! is a 100% legitimate and honest training site (NO adult content).

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